Me and Spirulina

So for me, Spirulina has always been the “Gold of Superfoods” and I really struggled at first to feel comfortable with the price of this superfood. I used to buy a box of powder myself as “a treat” when I had the money. Personally I did feel better for my brief periods of taking it when I had invested in it. I soon started cutting out other things so that I could have Spirulina within my dietary needs more often, and it then became a norm and I never missed all the other stuff that I used to buy instead of the “Gold of Superfoods”.

Well NOW there is a WHOLE NEW levels of the “Gold of Superfoods” Fresh Spirulina. I am so excited to be able to work with this living algae and bring it to my clients. It is an amazing complement to what we already offer in the way of our incredible “Juice4Joy range” and Soup4Soul, along with our not so well know, Ready2Go vegan meals which are mainly utilised within my Premium Detox and Cleansing Companion Program

Fresh Spirulina, frozen and delivered to your doorstep is the next level up on self love. Hear me please. Take some time and read our information within these pages. The highest and purest form or protein (even more than beef)

Fresh Spirulina, made here is South Africa has become you go to for Superfoods. So stoked. I have a deep and passionate desire to grow older consciously, maintain strength and vitality.

Do your own investigation into this incredible WHOLE FOOD and give us a shout to place your order. Do it because you are worth it, and if anything has shown us how important our health vitality and strength is…it has been the 2020 and still going global pandemic.

Take your health into your own hands.