Fresh Spirulina

Welcome to our world of Live Fresh Spirulina. We are so excited to be able to bring this incredible, possibly only ever WHOLE “SUPER” FOOD available today.

I listened to an explanation of this statement, and I definitely resonated with me.

Story: Bill… If you look at a apple tree, there are the roots, the trunk the branches the leaves and then the fruit. Note that pattern, the end result is the fruit however the deep and significant whole of the tree is not what we get to eat, it is a bi product of that deep nourishment that is the roots the trunk the branches and the leaves.

Now Live Spirulina is grown here is South Africa in probably the cleanest most nourishing facility known, the whole live spirulina is between 0.1mm to 1mm long, when fully grown they containing over 100 cells, lined up to form a helical shaped strand. 10ml of this live product in your juice or smoothie is the equivalent of 1 kg of green vegetables.

More information to come

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